Hendropriyono Denounces the Makassar Bombing as Being Diametrically Opposed to the Ethics of a Civilized Humanity

Hendropriyono Denounces the Makassar Bombing as Being Diametrically Opposed to the Ethics of a Civilized Humanity

JAKARTA, SENAYANPOST.com - A suspected suicide bomb attack outside a Catholic church in the Indonesian city of Makassar has left at least 14 people wounded, police say.

Police said an explosion happened as two people tried to enter the church on Palm Sunday, the first day of Easter. A destroyed motorbike and body parts were found at the scene and police said the two attackers had died.

Former chief of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Gen. (ret) AM Hendropriyono said speaking in the name of all the seniors and elders who have a nationalistic outlook. 

"I hereby express sympathy and deep concern for those who were injured in the suicide bombing which took place this morning in front of the Kathedral Church on Kartini Street in Makassar," he said.

Hendropriyono said amid this pandemic which has created fear around the world, along with the heavy burden it has placed on the economy, evidently there are still some people who are fantasizing about achieving things through brutal acts of terror.

"Such characters who can be found living among us do not want to realize that no matter what moral code they might feel they need to uphold, such actions are diametrically opposed to the ethics of a civilized humanity," he said.

According to Hendropriyono, Suicide bombers violate two types of ethics, namely social ethics by victimizing innocent people, and personal ethics by committing suicide.

"There is no place in Indonesia for people who commit such serious ethical violations, as the people and nation are busy closing the gap with those nations which have already woken from their dream, by making a prosperous life a reality," he said.

"I wish the youths of Indonesia all the best in their efforts to quickly and aptly improve their condition. Cleanse society from this festering social cancer, so that Indonesia can quickly arise from its lengthy slumber," he said.

The explosion happened at about 10:30 local time (03:30 GMT) at the end of a service for Palm Sunday.

"There were two people riding on a motorbike when the explosion happened at the main gate of the church - the perpetrators were trying to enter the compound," National Police spokesman Argo Yuwono said.

A priest at the church, Father Wilhemus Tulak, told Metro TV that security guards had tackled one suspected bomber. The attacker, he said, arrived by motorbike and tried to get into the church.

Police said at least 14 people were injured, including the church officials who stopped the attackers from entering the grounds of the cathedral.